Ashlyn So

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During the pandemic, one teen uses her talent ... and finds her voice!

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  • The Emoji Age Gap

    The Emoji Age Gap screenshot

    Three British teens talk about their most and least used emojis! Vocabulary: adverbs of frequency _always / never_ Find the video activities under Language Lab!

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  • Amazon: Online Shopping

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    Amazon is the biggest online store in the world. We watch teens order online and talk to about what they love – and hate about online shopping.

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  • Can you speak 'cat'?

    Can you speak 'cat'? screenshot

    Freya tests out a new cat translator app with her pet cat, Bailey.

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  • Dreams

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    Crown speaks to two teens about their weird COVID dreams!

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  • A video about masks!

    A video about masks! screenshot

    Josh talks about wearing a mask, and shows you how to make one using a sock!

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  • My Lockdown Life!

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    In this issue of Crown we look at how Claudia's daily routine is different in lockdown

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  • Escape Room

    Escape Room screenshot

    Crown visits an escape room!

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  • Learning at home ... in lockdown

    Learning at home ... in lockdown screenshot

    Three teens from the UK tell us about how they are learning during the lockdown.

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  • SWAPSIES: Lunch boxes

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    Two London teenagers swap lunch boxes! Who usually eats a healthy lunch? Who usually has a chocolate bar? Do they like their friend's lunch?

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