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One year in Spanish Blog

A few years ago, we launched an exciting project with Sue Fleet, an MFL teacher at Ormiston Horizon Academy in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. She blogged about her experiences teaching Spanish – with Mary Glasgow Magazines of course! – throughout the year. Find lots of tips, observations and tales from Sue and her enthusiastic class as they embarked on their language learning journey. Read Sue’s blog!

Lingos is a free site that helps language learners find great language teachers around the world.

La Médiathèque, a library specialised in everything you love about France. The Médiathèque offers the largest free access to French materials, in the UK. The library’s collections include an impressive stock of French language learning tools, books in English, bilingual texts, French books for beginners, press-cutting files and DVDs with English subtitles. Resources are particularly rich and varied in the fields of cinema, youth literature, gastronomy, Paris and French regions, fine art, fashion, graphic novels, history and the Second World War. The library also provides free access to 1500 online newspapers via its partner, Europresse. Access to the library is free and open to all. To enjoy borrowing rights and other benefits, you can become a member of the Institut français . If you are a student at the Institut français’ Language Centre , membership is free!

Welcome to Culturethèque, the digital platform of the Institut français in London. On Culturethèque, you can find free online content in French, or about France in English. Read comic books, the latest contemporary fiction, French literature classics, cook books, children’s books as well as digitalised versions of rare books from the French Institute’s archive. Watch documentaries, plays and animations, and catch up on events you missed at the French Institute. Listen to conferences, audiobooks, or discover the latest in French pop music, or, if you prefer, golden oldies. Learn French with ebooks on grammar, vocabulary and spelling, and worksheets for the classroom. On our blog , find articles and links to free French content. For all this, all you need is internet access, and a device such as a tablet, a laptop or an internet-friendly phone. To become a member of Culturethèque, all you have to do is be in the UK to sign up. Signing up is free and takes less than a minute. With new content every week, over 8000 ebooks, hundreds of documentaries, is a fun stop-off point for francophiles and French-speakers. Culturethèque keeps its members happy with a fortnightly newsletter of suggested content, and frequent suggestions on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter .

Network for Languages is committed to excellence in language learning and teaching in all settings, sectors and phases of education.

Lingoo, Language Exchange holidays and paid Host Home stay holidays for children organised directly between families

don Quijote is a leading network of schools teaching Spanish in Spain & Latin America. Quality courses are available to students of all levels of Spanish and range from 1-48 weeks with start dates every Monday throughout the year. Accommodation packages are available with all courses.”

Film Education is a charity funded by the UK film industry. It promotes the use of film within the UK national curriculum.

ELT experiences

For teachers of English, we are constantly reviewing approaches and techniques as an alternative to commonly predicted forms of teaching and we sometimes have to incorporate more experimental styles of language education. have helped over 40,000 students to choose the right language school for them.