El Sol

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  • UK: Years 11–13, Key Stage 4–5/GCSE–A-Level/S3–4 | Republic of Ireland: Fifth-Sixth Year
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  • Deepens cultural understanding and helps students to improve accuracy and fluency in Spanish.
  • Stimulates discussion, boosts vocabulary and motivates students to practise and reinforce their skills ready for assessment.
  • Vibrant and visual magazines packed with cultural features, three-page reportages, interviews, real teen stories, infographics and debates.

Subscriptions include:

  • 5×16 page magazines per year.
  • 25 MP3 audio tracks with transcripts and listening activities. Also available on 2 CDs.
  • Complete lesson plans that save valuable prep time.
  • A pool of videos related to articles in the magazine. Full transcripts and activities are provided.
  • Language Lab Learning Unit that allows you assign work and monitor progress.
  • Resource bank that gives you access to over 14, 000 additional teaching resources.

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