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  • Helps students to emerge as independent readers of English and inspires them to read and discuss in English for pleasure as well as purpose. TEAM expands students’ vocabulary and grammar and presents the English-speaking life and culture as it is in 2013-14 as well as debating topical teen issues.
  • Regular Features: The Twitter Page; The Journey; Five Teens – Five Lives; What Britain thinks about …
  • Coming up in 2013-14: A video of a trip over the River Thames; Shakespeare’s 450 birthday celebrations; Emos and bullying; Energy: Fracking; The Winter Olympics past and present. See 2013-14 Editorial Calendar for more.

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  • 5×16-page content-rich magazines per year
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  • 5 ‘real-life’ videos, 40 online activities, weekly news and unlimited website access

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  • Teacher’s Notes with every issue
  • Audio materials available on 2 CDs and online
  • Access to over 5000 additional teaching resources in our online archive

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